Your reviews of The Last Pickle Famine on and would be sincerely appreciated.  Here are some of the reviews we've received thus far;

“Cumber offers an absurdist debut novel about one man’s descent into madness… A humorous, scatterbrained narrative that moves forward with the intensity of a man bent on his own unraveling” — Kirkus Reviews

"You're a master story teller on par, in my opinion, with Jean Sheppard."-----A reader

"Sheeeiiittt, Steven Q. is one strange bastard!  I've been laughing like hell at how he screws up just about every situation he gets into."

​_____A reader

"I can't help but liking Steve, even though he is crude and classless and one hot mess."-----A reader

"It's epic, bro."-----A reader

"Ya know, Steven kinda reminds me of Holden Caufield in The Catcher in the Rye."-----A reader